Technical specifications:

Species: Larch (Larix decidua)
Origin: Russia
Protection: Naturally durable
Density: 480 kg/m³

Surface condition: Planed
Fixing: Visible stainless steel screws
Cross section: 27×145 mm
Length: Depending on availability



Made in France



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Solid timber patio decking with protective treatment.
Naturally durable timber, class 3, except for the sapwood.
The NATURAL patio line is available in 2 species to enhance classic or modern homes.

CARE ADVICE: Regularly clean the decking using a special patio product, hot water and a soft brush. Moss can appear on the timber, especially in very damp conditions. In this case, and for more stubborn stains, use a moss removal product and then rinse carefully.

INSTALLATION TIPS: For all timber decking installations, please refer to DTU 51.4


– Before installing, store the patio decking in a dry place and sheltered from bad weather, make sure it is raised to avoid contact with the ground.
– The under-decking and sleepers must be of a suitable durability class and their layout must allow sufficient air circulation under the decking.
– In order to avoid rising damp, the sleepers must have a protective strip.
– Fix the decking methodically in rows, moving from one side of the patio to the other, row after row.
– Keep a gap of 5 mm between the edges of the slats, and 1-2 mm at each end.

If there is sapwood, protective treatment is required. Douglas timber heartwood is naturally durable, but must nevertheless be protected from contact with water using a finish to prevent surface mould from growing.