Technical specifications:

Species: Spruce (Picea Excelsa)
Origin: Scandinavia / Russia
Protection: Class 3
Density: 430 kg/m³

Surface condition: Planed brushed
Fixing: Stainless steel screws

4 rounded planks
Cross section: 21×120 mm
Length: 1.78 m

Finish: Platine, Lumière or Graphite.

Notched post:
Cross section: 45×90 mm
Lengths:  1.15 – 1.95 m

Finish: Acrylic, micro porous opaque paint


Option: Factory assembly
Treatment guaranteed 10 years*
CTB B+ certified treatment
Made in France





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The selected fence model is determined by the type of fencing plank and the associated half-post.
The height of this fencing panel varies depending on the required number of planks.

Platine colour
Graphite colour
Lumière colour

Persienne half-post
Quinconce half-post
Openwork half-post



Solid timber fencing with a paint finish.
For elegantly designed outdoor spaces, for liveable private or collective exteriors.
Your privacy is elegantly protected, with perfect blending into the environment, whether classic or modern.

The Color’Fence line comes in complete kit form, making it possible to install custom fences.
Composed of planks, posts and fixing supports in matching colours: Platine, Lumière and Graphite.
Coloured Color’Fence fencing is both pleasant to the eye and durable thanks to its protective treatment..

3 finishes for 5 models of fencing:


Openwork: Sober and elegant. The timeless charm of this fencing will blend both with classic and modern homes. It is composed of planks (4 rounded) and single groove half-posts.

Persienne: The most modern, a must have screen to guarantee the privacy and beauty of outdoor spaces. It is composed of planks (4 rounded) and notched half-posts.



Quinconce: A fencing classic, effective, not massive, now in a colour version. It is composed of planks (4 rounded) and double grooved half-posts.

Vénitienne: A diagonal fencing plank, openwork installation, for a modern look given by the profile’s outcropping corners. This model allows air flow, giving a less massive look while guaranteeing privacy and an aesthetic look.

Aztek: A rich and modern profile, both symmetrical and reversible, the Aztek plank is characterised by raised strips and an angular line, giving the profile a very modern look. Assembly by tongue and groove, the Aztek plank stands out by its ease of installation. It is also available unpainted, with Green, Bronze and Grey protective treatment.

Cuts must be systematically treated using the treatment products and finishes recommended by PROTAC. Milling should never be used when in contact with the ground.

Dark colours absorb more heat and UV; variations in size and colour may appear.



Associated accessories below:

Fixing accessories:


Installation accessories:


Finishing accessories: