Technical specifications:

Species: Larch (Larix sibirica)
Origin: Russia
Protection: Naturally durable. Heartwood moderately durable (class III natural durability).
Density: 480 kg/m³

Surface condition: Planed
Assembly: Groove – tongue + tongued and grooved ends
Fixing: It is recommended to pre-drill before fixing because the timber splits easily.
Ringed or notched stainless steel nails
Cross Section: 20 x 125 mm
Lengths: from 3 to 6 m


Naturally durable species.
Made in France




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Naturally durable solid timber cladding without protective treatment.

Cladding for residential buildings and individual houses.

The NATURAL line offers 3 tree species: French Douglas, Siberian Larch and Canadian Red Cedar.


Red Cedar

The species are naturally durable class 3, except for the sapwood.
In order to optimise their natural durability, it is recommended to protect the timber from contact with water by applying a finish, such as a saturator for example. If there is sapwood, which is vulnerable to intrinsic biological risks, protective treatment is required.

Red cedar is one of the most elegant and noble tree species. Where metal is downstream of red cedar cladding, where rainwater flows off the timber onto the metal, the use of zinc or galvanised products is not recommended. Without a finish, red cedar takes a satin shine and greys to a silver grey colour.

Larch is one of the hardest and most durable European resinous timbers. Larch can be used without a finish because of its colour, its texture and its durability. The timber greys over time.

Douglas, even though it is naturally durable, has moderately durable heartwood. Douglas timber core must be protected from contact with water using a finish to prevent surface mould from growing. It is impossible to guarantee douglas timber without sapwood. We therefore recommend the use of Douglas with a treatment for external use, keep non treated douglas for use indoors. Non treated douglas remains vulnerable to termites.

The sapwood is the part of the tree just under the bark, it is usually soft and white. It is the part of the tree that contains the most recent growth and contains living cells.


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