Isolexel ETI


Technical specifications:

External thermal insulation. Patented ETI solution. Unique building system.

The ISOLEXCEL solution provides comfort and energy savings. It can be used to renew the appearance of a building by modernising it using modern materials in a wide range of profiles, tree species and trendy colours.







ISOLEXCEL is an insulating material that has all the components needed for your external insulation. Fully adaptable, it can be applied to any building, whatever the support: breeze blocks, brick, concrete, stone, timber, etc. It can be used both for new builds and refurbishments.
Insulation must always be combined with correctly installed ventilation, either controlled or mechanical. It is important for housing to be correctly ventilated, especially to remove humidity. The air inside homes always contains water vapour.

HIGH performance thermal insulation
• 4 tongue and grooved edges for better assembly
• Continuous insulation material = minimisation of thermal bridges
• Insulating, Light, Rigid and water repellent material
• Easy to install, stable
• Adaptable to all supports
• Inert, protective and non irritant product
• High insulating quality
• Recyclable

The result of strict selection processes: the timber used in Protac Ouest products comes from sustainably managed forests that are PEFC or FSC certified and can be used for quality products.
The Clinexel® cladding line, with opaque, acrylic, micro-porous paint finish, has a 10 year guarantee for its paint resistance; and Essentiel®, with its translucent, micro-porous saturator finish, has a 5 year guarantee on its performance. These products have a protective treatment which is has a 10 year guarantee and is CTB B+ certified.

For easier later installation, we recommend that when you take your measurements, you note down all specificities that might require you to make specific adaptations:
– Gas, telephone, electricity…
– Shutters
– Roof overlaps of less than 20 cm
– Awning
– Aerial, satellite dish…
– Lighting


TIMBER elements: ‘T’ upright + T3 battens
XPS insulation 20mm 600×2500 R(m2.K/W)=0.65
XPS BASEMENT INSULATION 100mm+10 cement coated 600×1250 BF
Rodent meshes
Heat-lacquered aluminium plates: for door and window dressing
FIXING anchors and 1 concrete drill bit Screws
PU adhesive
Assorted finishing ACCESSORIES
NAILS to fix the cladding