Technical specifications:

Species: Spruce (Picea Excelsa)
Origin: Scandinavia / Russia
Protection: Untreated

Surface condition: Sawn
Assembly: Groove – tongue + tongued and grooved ends
Fixing: Nails
Cross section: 13×135 mm
Length:  2.53 m

Untreated, unpainted: natural


Product ready to paint, untreated
Made in France
100% natural
NF EN 71-3 TOY standard



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Lamexel is PROTAC’s responsible line of panelling.

It offers a range of finishes, profiles and colours, while keeping a strong ecological positioning. This responsible approach offers a line of panelling that guarantees safety, ecology and an aesthetic look.


Coloured or Plain, Lamexel, for a healthy home!

LAMEXEL timber panelling has an A+ environmental label and also complies with the Toy Standard. Product guaranteed 0% VOC. Lamexel panelling is easy to install and is the ideal element for the modern decoration of all the rooms in the home.


Lamexel Nature, ideal for painting!
Unpainted Lamexel panelling comes from quality sorted timber and is ready to customise.

8 exclusive finishes available in 0.5 litre pots for touch-ups or minor repairs (Blanc, Perle, Brume, Embrun, Galet, Ardoise, Aurore, Orage)