Protective strip


Technical specifications:

Width: 7 cm

Length: 16 m

Thickness: 2.4 mm

Bitumen coated protective strip for sleepers.
Timber decking support.
Protects the decking timber from rising damp, noise reduction.

For the best installation method, refer to DTU 51.4
Good ventilation is the guarantee of the best decking service life.

INSTALLATION TIPS: For all timber decking installations, please refer to DTU 51.4


– Before installing, store the patio decking in a dry place and sheltered from bad weather, make sure it is raised to avoid contact with the ground.
– The under-decking and sleepers must be of a suitable durability class and their layout must allow sufficient air circulation under the decking.
– In order to avoid rising damp, the sleepers must have a protective strip.
– Fix the decking methodically in rows, moving from one side of the patio to the other, row after row.
– Keep a gap of 5 mm between the edges of the slats, and 1-2 mm at each end.

Cuts must be re-treated with a post-cut treatment product and, when necessary, with a finishing product compliant with the original product. Milling should never be used when in contact with the ground.

Cuts must be systematically treated using the treatment products and finishes recommended by PROTAC.