Technical specifications:

Species: Douglas (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
Origin: France
Protection: Naturally durable. Heartwood moderately durable (class III natural durability). Sapwood not durable.
Density: 380 kg/m³

Surface condition: Planed
Assembly: Groove – tongue + tongued and grooved ends depending on the profile
Fixing: It is recommended to pre-drill before fixing because the timber splits easily.
Ringed or notched stainless steel nails
Cross Section: 27×68 – 27×95 – 27×145 mm
Lengths: from 3 to 4 m


Naturally durable species.
Made in France





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Solid timber cladding with protective treatment.

Cladding for residential buildings and individual houses.

The Preserve line offers 3 protective treatment colours: “Classic” green, “Timber” bronze, “Modern” Grey.


The GREEN colour fades in a few days depending on the exposure, the time of year and the geographical location, returning to the soft ochre colour of the natural timber.
The BRONZE colour penetrates to the heart of the timber and remains over time, accompanying the ageing of the timber.
The GREY colour is elegant and even, giving the cladding a modern look, while anticipating the greying of the timber and allowing the colour to evolve harmoniously.

The timber protective treatment gives makes the sapwood durable. Depending on the final use, this process is applied in a tank, by spraying, or in an autoclave. The treatment quality is compliant with applicable standards and is checked and certified by an independent body.


Possibility of combining Preserve timber cladding with its associated accessories:

Finishing accessories:


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