Out of concern for the environment and aware of the need to protect resources, PROTAC has made a commitment covering its entire production line and
its products. Selection of high quality Northern Timber from PEFC and FSC certified, sustainably managed forests. Treatment effectiveness
CTB B+ certified with a 10 year guarantee. High performance finish with a 10 guarantee for paint and 5 years (on spruce) for the cladding saturator.
Panelling for indoor wall covering gives a healthy atmosphere by guaranteeing 0% VOC emissions.

PROTAC: timber solutions for a sustainable future.

Timber construction is environmentally friendly and helps reduce the greenhouse effect. Timber releases neither radioactivity, nor gases,
dust or static electricity, and stores carbon dioxide. For several years, ROSE GROUP has been aware of its important duty to nature, natural resources and Man, and is committed to the most environmentally friendly rules by imposing standards and constraints. Thus, environmental action is based on 3 themes: sustainably managed forests, timber treatment products and solvents.




PROTAC has had the PEFC and FSC labels for many years.

Sustainable forest management is a priority and eco-certification labels such as PEFC and FSC are the sign and the guarantors of
ecologically suitable, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. These sustainable forest management processes are built around
major criteria and rules: maintaining biological production capacities, maintaining a good state of health, fulfilment of
timber production functions, protection of biodiversity, protection of ground and water, provision of various “amenities” (opening to the public, landscape, etc.). (source PEFC).


PROTAC is committed to protecting the environment; respecting Human rights and working standards,
and the fight against corruption.


ROSE GROUP aims for excellence in the field of Health, workplace Safety and the Environment, as
is the case for its products and services in line with Group values and its sustainable development stakes.