Technical specifications:

Species: Spruce (Picea Excelsa)
Origin: Scandinavia 
Protection: Class 3
Density: 430 kg/m³

Surface condition: Planed brushed
Assembly: Groove – tongue + tongued and grooved ends
Fixing: Secret
Ringed or notched stainless steel nails
Cross Section: 40×40 mm – 40×68 mm
Length: Depending on availability

Finish: Water repellent effect translucent, micro-porous saturator – UV protection – Non film forming


Treatment guaranteed 10 years
Finish resistance guaranteed 5 years**
CTB B+ certified treatment
Made in France

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Wood-coloured, saturated cladding. Essentiel range. Quadri spruce profile, Silver colour. 

Garantie 10 ans traitement



Solid timber cladding with a saturator.

Cladding for residential buildings and individual houses.

A modern cladding that highlights the the timber’s graining and nobility.
Blends perfectly into classic or modern urban environments.

The Essentiel line offers a vast range of tree species (Spruce, Douglas, Larch, Red Cedar) and a range of 5 exclusive finishes (Honey, Golden, Walmut, Silver, Carbon*)





*Profile and colour depending on the selected tree species
**The finish has a 5 year guarantee. Saturator with a high concentration of dry extract, its water phase formulation, enriched with oil, gives the cladding a water repellent quality. Non film forming. It is recommended to apply a coat of colourless saturator on a clean and healthy substrate from the 3rd year to maintain the cladding colour. In the absence of regular care, the cladding will normally evolve to a natural greying.
Installing openwork cladding with a finish (paint or saturator) may require visible nailing on the clapboard face, which means piercing the finishing film. The guarantee cannot therefore be applied to this type of installation. For Venitien and Quadri cladding it is therefore recommended to nail from the back in order to maintain the guarantee for the finish. The guarantee is subject to the re-treatment of cuts (PROTAC protection and finishing product). All colours are available in 1 litre pots.

Possibility of combining Essentiel timber cladding with its associated accessories:

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